EazeMD's mobile app offers medical marijuana consultation without leaving your home

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Weed on the web isn't unheard of. The issue may still be touchy for some, but the ways in which you can get legal marijuana are emerging faster than ever before. Even big wigs from major tech companies are looking at ways to capitalize on the growing popularity of the feel-good substance, and at least one group within the 420-friendly business is making its approval and distribution process both simpler and cheaper for applicants.

EazeMD is an app that is available on Android and iOS for free and is intended to cater to residents of the state of California (for now). The app offers cheap consultations for those seeking approval for a medical marijuana card that can only be ascertained by seeing a licensed physician. The consultation part of the process is made simple by simply creating an account on the EazeMD app and making an appointment for a video conference with a EazeMD physician. The price of admission is $40, with $30 going toward the medical consultation and $10 covering the signed and embossed recommendation letter that will grant you a medical marijuana card. This is considerably cheaper than what you'd pay for a standard visit to a doctor, where you could easily pay $100-$200 just for a medical marijuanaconsultation before application fees are taken into account.

The cheaper path to getting your medical marijuana card and the ability to remotely consult carries a high ceiling of opportunity for this end of the marijuana business. Applicants that are approved for medical marijuana through EazeMD have the benefit of immediately being able to order medication through the company's website. Recreational marijuana is still very hard to come by, but the growing accessibility to legal medical marijuana is good news for those wishing to cut costs and get their treatments through legal channels. Assuming governing forces don't make it impossible to modernize the industry in other parts of the world, this service could be coming to you before long.

Source: EazeMD, via Edgadget

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