Epic Games CEO reveals several interesting details regarding Fortnite for Android

Immensely popular title Fortnite became publicly available to iOS users over four months ago. Although it is still unclear exactly when a launch is planned for Android devices, recent rumors have suggested that the game could be available in August as a temporarily exclusive to Samsung's upcoming flagship - which will most likely be called the Galaxy Note9.

A few days ago, Epic Games confirmed that the game will be offered through its own official website, bypassing the Google Play Store as a potential distributor, as per previous rumors. Now, in an interview with Android Authority, the video game corporation's CEO Tim Sweeney has discussed this move in detail, also providing additional information regarding the upcoming title.

When asked about the potential benefits of a successful Fortnite for Android launch in such an unconventional manner, Sweeney stated his firm belief that it would help benefit both app creators and consumers. Specifically, he noted "more choice in software, and more competitive economics for developers" as potential advantages. Furthermore, the company's intention of continuing to work with Google was outlined as well.

With regards to some specific changes Fortnite fans would have to face as a result of a separate launcher for the game on Android, Sweeney clarified that the APK being hosted on epicgames.com would include an updater to keep the game up to date. Moreover, he also addressed concerns regarding lack of Play Store parental controls and refund policies, mentioning how one-time payment methods would ensure that a parent could safely be able to purchase in-game currency without granting the child any permanent capabilities to spend real money. The video game corporation's customer service team will also be available to provide assistance regarding any issues.

Throughout the interview, Sweeney touched upon Epic Games' belief in Android operating as an open platform numerous times. He also mentioned how open platforms help maintain a direct relationship with customers while respecting their security, and how the company would "love to see Apple open up iOS" in a similar way.

Reports from a couple of days ago had also suggested that Samsung users could install the game via the Galaxy Apps Store. However, no such indication was provided in this interview. It was also clarified that the original version of the game would only be available through its official website so stay wary of fake APKs.

Regarding the rumored small fraction of devices compatible with Fortnite on Android, Sweeney stated that between 250-300 million Android devices will be compatible with the upcoming title. However, he also admitted that device compatibility support would be expanded "only a little" following launch.

Hopefully, the interview will have clarified some questions mobile gamers will have had regarding Fortnite's imminent launch on Android. If you're interested in reading the full interview, you can do so by visiting the source link below.

Source: Android Authority

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