Epic Games Store gains wishlists as its newest feature

The rollout of features to the Epic Games Store continues. As part of the latest update to the client and website, a wishlist system has been implemented by the digital games seller, a highly requested feature. As it works with other stores, wishlists allow users to keep track of products they may want to purchase later or simply aren't released yet.

Product pages on the store now display a heart icon next to the Buy Now button, and pressing it will add the game onto the user's Epic Games account wishlist. Currently, the feature sorts all wishlisted items onto a separate page in the library where filters and search facilities are available.

Epic plans to beef up the feature in the future with email notifications for discounts that hit wishlisted items as well as when a game becomes available for pre-purchase or releases. In the Trello board that the company shares what features are being worked on, the up next tab now shows that a trending section is heading to the front page alongside self-service refunds and mod support for games.

The weekly free games promotion is still ongoing at the store as well, which is currently offering GoNNER and Offworld Trading Company.

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