Evernote acquires Skitch, offers it for free on Mac App Store

Skitch, the popular image annotation program for Mac OS X, will now be available for free on the Mac App Store. That's thanks to the program being purchased by Evernote, the developers of the note-taking app of the same name. The developers hope the Skitch acquisition will improve Evernote's sub-par handling of images and screenshots.

Announced in a blog post on the company website, Evernote clarified that existing Skitch users can carry on using their accounts, while new users can sign in with their Evernote account instead. One of the core strengths of Skitch is its ability to quickly make notes and annotations on images, something users complained that Evernote was lacking. "We debated about whether to add the improved functionality into Evernote or build a separate app to handle it. Finally, we decided to do both," the company states.

Improvements are already being planned out for Skitch. Evernote plans to bring the application to the iPhone and iPad platforms, improving the note-taking functionality of Evernote's offerings on the mobile stage. Beyond that, the company plans to integrate the two products much tighter than today. In the blog post, Andrew Sinkov writes: "We're combining our years of experience with inking, handwriting recognition and pen input with the fantastic capabilities of Skitch."

Skitch can be found on the Mac App Store here.

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