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EverQuest II: The Splitpaw Saga

Sony Online Entertainment has released the second "adventure pack" for its popular online MMORPG.

The company's adventure packs are content updates that are generally smaller than those that might be found in a full-priced expansion pack, costing less.

The Splitpaw Saga will focus on the EverQuest dungeon known as Splitpaw and will introduce a dozen new areas to explore. Its story will concern "a ferocious clan of cannibalistic gnolls" who "will stand in the way as players seek to destroy the greatest threat yet in Norrath's new history," according to SOE. To accommodate characters from levels 20 to 40, the adventure pack will "scale dynamically," hurling tougher opponents against more seasoned players.

EverQuest II Desert of Flames, the first full-priced EQII expansion pack, is slated to ship in September. While waiting for it to arrive, EverQuesters can enjoy the Splitpaw Saga. This adventure pack costs only $7.99, and can be obtained by digital downloads only from the official EverQuest II Web site.

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News source: GameSpot

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