Fable: The Lost Chapters for Xbox?

Rumour has it that Fable: The Lost Chapters, the PC version of Lionhead's console RPG, could be heading onto Xbox too. That's Xbox "too", not Xbox "2". Although, now you come to mention it... But let's not get ahead of ourselves. The Lost Chapters features improved graphics and extra content including, according to reports, new missions, spells, creatures and weapons not found in the original version.

It's thought that Lionhead is now working on a port of the PC remake for Xbox, as suggested by Peter Molyneux recently when he told UK website CVG that "a kind of Director's Cut" for Xbox owners would be good. He went on to add that The Lost Chapters features around a third more content than the original Fable, which makes us wonder if the Xbox could really handle all that extra work. Now, the Xbox 360 certainly could... Well, you never know.

News source: Eurogamer.net

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