Facebook joins forces with Gucci to file lawsuit against counterfeiter

Facebook and Instagram are not only platforms used by millions of people, but also advertising and business hubs for major companies all over the globe. This is why the firm regularly updates its tooling to improve advertising mechanisms to offer value to organizations making use of its platforms.

In the same space, Facebook has now joined forces with luxury fashion brand Gucci to file a lawsuit against an international counterfeiter.

The official Facebook page for Gucci

In a nutshell, a counterfeit business was using Facebook and Instagram to promote and sell counterfeit products with Gucci branding, and had used multiple different accounts to evade Facebook's enforcement policies. As such, Facebook has now partnered with Gucci to file a joint lawsuit - the first of its kind for both of the companies - against the head of this counterfeit business.

IP infringement is restricted on Facebook's platforms and the company already has multiple mechanisms in place such as takedown programs and infringement policies to prohibit these practices. Facebook went on to say that:

Cross-industry collaboration with brands like Gucci is critical to this type of enforcement action and to Facebook’s broader efforts to tackle counterfeits on its services. Facebook and Gucci’s collaborative relationship is built upon joint commitment and efforts to combat the promotion and sale of counterfeit goods online. This lawsuit — the first of its kind for Facebook and Gucci — is a natural next step in the progression of our partnership.

The organizations also hope that this lawsuit will signal a warning to other counterfeit businesses currently operating on the platform. Facebook and Gucci say that they will continue their endeavors to stop these malicious entities and hold them accountable for their practices.

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