Facebook phone to feature Linux and Opera

The Facebook application for mobile devices and tablets has seen significant change throughout the year so far and whilst the app isn't perfect, Facebook is trying its hardest to improve the experience on-the-go.

This determination from Facebook’s end has sparked up a rumour regarding the upcoming Facebook phone, which is supposedly coming next year. Even the recent change in Facebook becoming a publicly traded company has resulted in multiple engineers from all fields of the industry helping to design some as-of-yet unknown hardware and software, but the biggest surprise may be imminent.

Facebook is looking to purchase Opera, one of the fastest and under-used web browsers available in an attempt to conquer new areas in social integration and web browsing. In addition, Facebook and HTC have partnered to create a new device, currently code-named “Buffy”, that many believe will be the official Facebook handset.

The device is rumoured to run some form of Unix OS and will feature Opera’s mobile browser. We assume that Facebook would use its own currency for charging for paid apps, which does result in profit for the company.

What do you think of the rumours so far? Can’t we all use Facebook and Opera’s mobile web browser as-is? Is Facebook trying too hard to sell itself?

Source: XDA-Developers

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