Facebook's Crisis Response Tools receive more features including WhatsApp integration

Facebook's Crisis Response tools launched under a collective hub in 2017, with features such as Safety Check, Community Help, and Fundraisers all falling under the same umbrella. Now, as reported by TechCrunch, the tools are getting some new capabilities, which are rolling out now.

For starters, a new feature will allow people in affected areas to provide real-time information on events that might still be occurring following a disaster, such as buildings collapsing. Additionally, when a user requests or offers help during a time of emergency, Facebook is making it easier to get in touch with those users by adding a WhatsApp button, so you can use it instead of Messenger.

Facebook is also expanding its "Data for Good" tools, using its data to provide relief organizations with information on where to distribute supplies. The updates allow the social network to provide this information to state and local officials, as well as federal relief agencies, thanks to a collaboration with agencies such as Direct Relief and the National Alliance for Public Safety GIS Foundation. Data provided by Facebook is aggregated and anonymous, so it should still respect user privacy.

Finally, Facebook is also updating its disaster maps to be more accurate thanks to collaborative work with agencies such as the International Displacement Monitoring Centre. These maps should now include more accurate information about commute patterns and tourist populations.

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