YouTube updates policy on scripted violence in video games

YouTube introduced today a few updates to its rules on scripted or simulated violence in video games. The new change means that simulated violence in games will be treated in the same manner as that of TV shows and movies starting today.

Prior to this change, YouTube would enforce age-restriction on video games with violent content. Now, that restriction has been lifted and games with scripted violence may be approved, except for instances where the focus of a video game is on violence itself or if the video game is extremely graphic.

YouTube clarifies that, although the updates will minimize restrictions for violence in gaming, the service will still maintain its "high bar to protect audiences from real-world violence". It should be noted that this change does not affect YouTube's advertiser-friendly guidelines, which treat violent content as unsuitable for advertising.

The Google-owned video sharing platform has typically kept a strict regulation on content with violent nature. Earlier last year, it introduced new punishments for content creators that upload content that's harmful to the entire community, the media, and advertisers.

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