Facebook's Timeline feature shows up on more pages

Facebook first announced its Timeline feature as its way of replacing the normal profiles of its users back in September. It finally started pushing Timeline to personal profiles in January. Now Facebook has started pushing the Timeline design to the profiles of businesses and fan pages, including our own Neowin page.

As you can see in the above screenshot, business and fan pages can now have a huge cover image on top. The About section is also on top of the page which gives businesses and groups a better and more visible way way to tell Facebook visitors what their group is all about.

The new Timeline page can also be changed to bump up news post or even pin them to the top of the page for up to seven days in order to highlight important content. You can also list company milestones on the new profile page. For the Facebook page admin, they can use its tools to track friend activity, control which posts show up on the page and monitor other stats.

Facebook currently plans to make the new Timeline redesign live on all of its pages by March 30.

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