First iPhone 3G 2009 screens leaked?

Gizmodo has released images leaked to a Hong Kong blog of whats rumored to be the next iPhone 3G to be released this summer.

"I'm looking at these images from a Hong Kong blog, and they totally look like The Real Thing™ to me. Sure they are blurry, but those applications' user interface definitely screams Apple design. The gallery shows the compass and autofocus in action—which can't work in current hardware", the author, Jesus Diaz writes.

The images feature a new compass in action, video functions, as well as the autofocus in the camera, as well as the autofocus overlay, and MMS screens

But that's not all that has been leaked. Potential parts of the new iPhone has also been leaked along with what appears to be the possibility of a new finish.

Earlier in the month, Wired released new details, including specs and release date of a possible new iPhone. Based on what these leaked images are showing, they appear to back Wired's article up. With Apple's WWDC getting closer, we could have an announcement from Apple themselves, so stay tuned!

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