FlipToast Twitter app released for Windows 8

Windows 8 Developer Preview users were able to access their Twitter accounts on an app named Tweet@rama, created by a team from Microsoft. However, so such Twitter app was released for the Windows 8 Consumer Preview. That finally changed this week with the release of the third party app called FlipToast.

The app, created by W3i Holdings, allows Windows 8 users to update both their Twitter and Facebook accounts directly from FlipToast, along with viewing, "liking" and commenting on messages from their friends. FlipToast also has what it calls a social graph which allows users to find topics on Twitter and Facebook that might be of interest.

So far neither Twitter nor Facebook have announced any plans to offer up native Windows 8 Metro apps for their online services, although we would definitely be surprised if such plans were not in the works at both companies.

Microsoft released a number of new and updated apps for Windows 8, via the Windows Store, this weekend, including a Metro preview version of the Xbox 360 game Hydro Thunder Hurricane. There's also an updated version of the official WordPress app that finally allows users to update their blog rather than just view them.

Image via W3i Holdings

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