Game preservationists Forest of Illusion experience outage after release of Wipeout source

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Today, Forest of Illusion have released the source code to the classic anti-gravity racer Wipeout. The archive includes code for the original PlayStation release as well as code for the Windows port. The game was a commercial and critical success in the mid-90s and spawned ports to the Saturn as well as the N64, but the code for those is not available. The archive was provided to Forest of Illusion by user March42.

The overwhelming response to this release has had much fanfare, and currently Forest of Illusion has been knocked offline due to interest despite protection from their CDN, Cloudflare. According to Forest of Illusion, this release is not connected to the original authors. Additionally, the source code is meant for educational and preservation purposes only, meaning it should not be built and provided as an executable in your own projects.

Forest of Illusion is perhaps best known for their full release of the source code for Outlaw Golf, but is host to dozens of prototype releases for Nintendo consoles such as Mario's Time Machine, Jurassic Park, and Lego Harry Potter.

Cloudflare outage page for Forest of Illusion

Source: Forest of Illusion

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