Gaming news round-up: October 31

Halloween is over.  Time to put away all those treats you might have received last night (along with any tricks that got handed to you) and check out some gaming news for your pleasure:

Silicon Knights mass layoffs rumored - The Canadian-based game developer behind titles like the Xbox 360 exclusive Too Human and the just released X-Men Destiny is rumored to have laid off nearly 75 percent of its workers, despite reportedly receiving several million dollars in grants this summer from the local government.

Humble Voxatron Debut - The people behind the Humble Indie Bundle are at it again, giving folks a chance to pay whatever they like on an all new game called Voxatron. The game itself is described as a "voxel-based, old-school-gone-new platform shooter."

Doom 3 source code getting closer - id Software's master programmer John Carmack has told his Twitter followers that the source code release to the Doom 3 engine (otherwise known as id Tech 4) is getting closer to release.

Sword of the Stars II release issues - The recently released space strategy game has a lot of post-launch problems. However, Kerberos Productions plans to release a number of patches which should fix the game for its users.

Get the PS3 Jurassic Park game for free ... kind of - If you pay for a year's worth of the PS3's Playstation Plus service at $49.99, you will get the full four episode PS3 version of Telltale Games' upcoming Jurassic Park game for free (a $29.99 value).

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