Get ready for Nintendo's Arms with character introductions and weapons showcase

It has been a few weeks since the release of the Nintendo Switch, and while the firm has done a great job of adding indie titles to the console's library, it has also started preparing for the launch of other upcoming games, in particular, Arms.

Arms made its debut during the official Switch presentation, along with a variety of other titles that would be arriving on the console over the course of the year. The game offers a different take on boxing with its array of unique characters and "arm" weapon options.

Each character has a different set of attributes, and each "arm" can be mixed and matched to suit the fighting style of the player. Nintendo has detailed each character in the game in the video above and has provided an overview on how "arms" function in the video down below.

The Switch is the company's fastest selling console to date, but despite being currently sold out, there are hopes that stocks will be replenished before the spring debut of Arms.

Source: Nintendo (YouTube) 1, 2 | Image via Nintendo

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