Gnome answers MS Cleartype(TM)

Well, almost.. McVeigh revels in this posting at Gnotices site which reads: "GDKFXT transparently adds anti-aliased font support to GTK+-1.2. Once you have installed it, you can run any (well, nearly any) existing GTK+ binary and see anti-aliased fonts in the GTK widgets. You don't need to recompile GTK+ or your application.'"

He adds "I'm running it now -- it it looks great!!"

eheh, well for those of you that have had the "priviledge" of running Windows XP have most likely discovered Cleartype technology that makes everything look much better by Anti aliasing fonts for basically everything that is run on WinXP. This is something (when used) you will miss on any other desktop platform.

Gnome, the popular desktop for Linux have now come up with their own version of "AA" and are already screaming that this will take down Windows as Linux now "has everything.." LOL we'll see.. read the rest of the "informative comments" here

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