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God of War update on PC delivers AMD FSR 2.0 as a feature

God of War PC screenshot

AMD launched its next-generation version of FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) technology in May. Dubbed 2.0, the new and improved version touts the employment of temporal upscaling to offer better frame rates and massive image quality advancements over the original version, handily taking on Nvidia's DLSS technology.

While AMD had announced several games, such as Deathloop and Farming Simulator 22, that would be receiving its FSR 2.0 tech, an update to Santa Monica Studio's God of War PC port has also delivered the feature without any prior announcements. This is only the third game so far to receive it.

The release notes for today's God of War Patch v1.0.12 simply has two items listed:

New Features

  • FidelityFX Super Resolution 2.0 has been implemented and is now available as a resolution-scaling option within the display settings menu


  • The Toggle Aim/Block accessibility features will now no longer have inconsistent behavior.

Unfortunately, Santa Monica Studio has not gone into detail on what kind of performance and image quality improvements players will be seeing with FSR 2.0. Keen eyed PC players may remember FSR 2.0 has appeared before in God of War settings before, but that was a typo by the developer, with only the 1.0 implementation being available, until now.

Of course, DLSS is also an option in the game for Nvidia RTX graphics card owners, which means side by side comparisons of the two upscaling techs should be incoming from all sides soon. Being platform agnostic, FSR 2.0 in God of War can be used by AMD, Nvidia, and Intel graphics users, and even in handhelds like the Steam Deck.

AMD's list of games that will gain initial support for FSR 2.0 includes Microsoft Flight Simulator, Forspoken, Grounded, EVE Online, Delysium, and others. However, if today's surprise addition is anything to go by, expect to see even more stealth updates for games.

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