Google Apps for Business Get Security Enhancement

Google announced a series of security products today that are based on technology from their acquisition of Postini (Postini, Inc. is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Google Inc.)

The security suite is part of "Google Apps" which now offers Message Filtering, Message Security and Message Discovery services to business, schools and non-profit organizations. Prices range from $3 per user per year to $25 per user per year.

Of course, Neowin users are probably more interested to know if any of this newly enhanced spam protection from Postini will be integrated into Gmail.

Link: More Info
News source: Google

Google Message Filtering™
* Postini's industry-leading service for filtering incoming spam and malware

Google Message Security™
* includes Google Message Filtering, plus enhanced virus detection, outbound processing, and content policy management

Google Message Discovery™
* includes Google Message Security, plus one year of message data archiving, retention, and discovery

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