Google chief likes to ogle - women that is

If you have something that you don't want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn't be doing it in the first place.

How amazing is it when something as innocent as the above quote comes back to bite you on the electronic behind?! I am sure that’s what Eric Schmidt, 58, current Google executive chairman and the man who uttered the above words, has been thinking the past few days. But why would that be?

It seems that the man has been following questionable people on his Instagram account, at least when it comes to mixing business and pleasure. Rather than the usual fare of work colleagues and Silicon Valley techies, Schmidt also followed some of the more progressive ladies of the internet. You know, the ones that like to dress all skimpy in bikinis and do wee pouts to themselves in the mirror while taking self-shots and posting them on Instagram (among others).

Not quite what he was looking at, we're sure of that. But we couldn't resist!

Far be it for us to judge, as the content described is mostly innocent and of no notable value to anyone but the poster and their friends, and while the internet is full of content that is both more obscene and harmful in the wrong hands, it seems that better judgement was not used by Schmidt, given the position he holds, not just in IT, but with the world’s largest and widely used search engine.

To stick up for the man, he’s only human. And is a single man (at least according to Wikipedia he is). Just next time, he should think about having one account for work, and the other…. well, for anything else.

When it did go public, Schmidt’s Instagram account was immediately shutdown.

Hmm, wonder how many CEO’s just performed a social networking cull based on this story?

Source: Business Insider | Images courtesy of Wired and Stop The Duck Face

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