Google descends on Israel

The internet search giant has promised that all of its services will be translated to Hebrew and moved into Israel within 18 months as the company's grip on the web tightens.

Google appears to have put a lot of work into the Israeli operation, as the new Hebrew branch comes loaded with a CEO and trained staff.

Meir Brand, CEO of Google Israel revealed: "We

discovered that the Israeli surfer has unique characteristics that the American surfer does not have.

"Israelis are chronic searchers. The search is the
main use they make of the internet, while for Americans, the main use of the internet is email," he added.

It seems, however, that Google's main focus is on advertising. In Israel 15% of all online adverts appear on search engines, whereas in the US this figure is as high as 40%. Google have seen the gap and are closing in before their rivals do.

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