Google launching Wallet mobile payments on Google Glass

Google is looking to bring its Wallet app to Google Glass. At least that’s the latest rumor coming from inside the company.

TechCrunch is quoting one of its Google sources in saying that Google’s mobile payment solution will soon be on every pair of Glass. The company is already testing the service internally and there may soon be a public launch.

Users will be able to send money to friends and contacts by simply saying “Send Money” and then going through a few settings on their Glass devices. According to the same source the company will charge a fee of 30 cents or 2.9% of the transaction, whichever is higher.

Google has been trying for a long time to get users to use Wallet, and the service has received numerous fixes, changes, and even a complete overhaul recently. Wallet was recently launched to Gmail users, who can now send money directly from their inbox, so it’s no surprise the company would launch it on its flagship device, Google Glass.

As for Glass itself there’s still no clear sign of when the wearable tech will be available for everyone, but not long ago Google had a public sell off of its Glass inventory. This might mean the device is ready to hit markets in the near future.

Of course Glass still has to prove it actually has a market to sell into and we’re sure sending money via voice commands will also bring some important security questions. How all of this will be handled remains to be seen once Google officially launches the service and the device.

Source: TechCrunch | Image via Google

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