Google puts in "snow" surprise in search results

Google is known for putting in some tricks if you put in the right combination of search words and phrases on the web site. To celebrate the holidays, the company has put in a very cool (literally) Easter Egg if people search for "let it snow" on the site.

Not only does it give you some plain old fashioned search results, the Google search page slowly starts to show off some snow flakes that fall in front of the page. Then the page gets even icier when the search page frosts up like a windshield does on a car on a winter morning. You can use you PC's left mouse button to act as a windshield wiper (or is that search page wiper) with the PC cursor. You can even write or create artwork with the HTML5-based effect, such as the one we have created above.

If you don't want to fool with making words or art, you can simply defrost the entire screen and it will go back to semi-normal, although the snow flakes will still fall until you actually leave the page. It's a nice reminder that the days are finally getting colder, at least for some people in the world.

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