Google wants to help take the stress out of booking flights and delays

When you want to travel, you always want to have the right information, be it the cheapest fare, or how long you have between connecting flights. Google has always had a way to help you book flights, but it has now refined the process to help take a bit of the stress out of travel.

Google Flights has added a new feature for the budget conscious, but what constitutes budget flying can vary from airline to airline. A Basic Economy ticket on one airline may let you only bring on one bag, while another may charge you for an upgrade or a special seat. A new feature - focused on American, Delta and United flights - takes some of the guesswork out for you by tracking whether overhead bin space, ability to select your seat, and baggage fees are included in the fare.

In addition to the booking feature, Google is calling on its machine learning algorithms to start predicting potential delays using historic flight data. You won't get a warning unless Google is 80% confident that the prediction is accurate. And if a flight is delayed, you'll get a reason for the delay as well. All you need to do is search for your flight and the delay will display in the search results.

Google Flights is not a separate app, but can be accessed through your browser on your PC or mobile device. While it may not be as full-featured as some other apps, the booking feature is nice to have at a glance while deciding between similarly-priced flights. And whether you are told about a delay or not, it's always good advice to get to the airport early anyway to avoid the hassle of rushing.

Source: Google Blog

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