Hackers claim to revive 'bricked' iPhones

Apple seems to be facing the same problem Microsoft faces with WGA, and console makers everywhere for that matter. In a tug of war for which the hackers just won the last round, Apple Incorporated finds itself with a useless two-week-old firmware update that stopped iPhones not on the AT&T network from functioning.

The iPhoneSIMFree, a commercial venture that was the first to publish a point-and-click unlock hack last month, has announced Version 1.6 of its software, and claimed that it could bring any bricked iPhone back to life. The iPhoneSIMFree hack is sold through a network of online resellers for between $60 and $99. On the other hand, The iPhone Dev Team urged owners of bricked iPhones to sit tight and not to dish out a dime because "Free unlock of 1.1.1 is coming soon." It's unclear how permanent any "unbrick" fix will be, or whether changes to the hacks that allow modifications will survive the next iPhone update from Apple.

News source: ComputerWorld

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