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Hands-on and first impressions of the GPD Pocket mini laptop

Portability is of the essence when it comes to a laptop. But sometimes there can be the notion that the unit might be a bit too portable. After using the GPD Pocket for a couple days that seems to be the case. Now, surprisingly, the small screen isn't an issue, with its 1920 x 1200 resolution, things look quite crisp. Perhaps the only complaints is that the display does not get bright enough to enjoy videos or images comfortably while outdoors. But indoors, this thing is bright enough and works like a champ. When it comes to typing, things can get frustrating fairly quickly. Although the dimensions of the keys and the travel are good, it's really about the placement that affects day-to-day use.

When you get used to a desktop or laptop-sized keyboard, using anything smaller becomes a bit of a challenge. The learning curve will vary when it comes to adjustment but I can see some not being able to make the transition. If there is one thing that I could put my finger on that causes issues, it would be the punctuation keys.

As mentioned before, the key sizes are good, so punching up words is relatively smooth experience, but when you need to add an apostrophe, comma, or period - that's when things get rough. The placement of these are not in their standard locations and causes disruptions when in the flow of writing. Again, it has only been a few days of use, but this is something that feels like one of the more glaring issues when typing for an extended time.

As far as battery life goes, it seems to be a reasonable performer. During a day of internet use through Chrome like typing, YouTube, email - the Pocket seemed to be able to last around six to seven hours. More testing will have to be done during the week, but the initial results are promising. This also stands for the performance, with the Intel Atom x7-Z8750 putting in work to keep things running smoothly. Naturally, there will be limitations, but so far, for general use, they haven't become apparent.

This is just a hands-on and first impression of the unit. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below. A full review will be coming soon but if you're interested in purchasing one you can grab one at GearBest for around $500.

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