Happy Birthday Bill

This weekend saw Mr Bill Gates turn the magic age of 50, half a century. It has been quite a year for Bill and birthdays, with his own Microsoft turning 30 this year. While people have their mixed views on Gates, its safe to say one thing about him, without him Neowin wouldn't be around today. So here is a quick look back at Bill Gates, and a quick Happy Birthday to him.

William H Gates was born on Oct 28th 1955, in Seattle. He attended the private lakeside school where he discovered his interest in computers and programming at the age of just 13. Selling his first project for the mere sum of $4,000 he went on to University at Harvard, where he later left, to devote his time to Microsoft. Since then Microsoft have amassed a large fortune, and have strived to become world leaders in every market they enter. When Bill isn't buying rare pieces of artwork, he is signing cheques to charity, $750million last year going towards vaccines in Africa.

So what's next for Bill? After all, at 50 its not likely that he is about to retire, chances are that he will continue to be at the forefront of Microsoft's next OS, Windows Vista, and after that, who knows, the sky's the limit. So happy birthday Bill, here's to many more happy years.

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