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Tired of being ghosted? A Philippine politician wants to make ghosting a criminal offense

A ghost blanket replying to messages and another ghost blanket with a no go sign on it

Have you ever been ghosted by someone? If you don't know what the term means, it basically describes behavior when a person ends communication with another, seemingly without any indication. In effect, they become a "ghost" for the other person, and typically don't respond to any attempts made at communication. It's fairly common in the space of dating and even acquaintances or friendships. If you're tired of being ghosted by people, you should consider going to therapy moving to the Philippines.

As Engadget reports, a Filipino politician Arnolfo Teves, Jr. wants to brand the art of ghosting as a criminal offense. In a bill submitted to the House of Representatives, the lawmaker has described ghosting as "emotional cruelty" that can impact productivity and develop feelings of rejection. As such, it should be treated as an "emotional offense".

Interestingly, the bill describes ghosting as something that can only happen when you're dating someone. It also claims that ghosting happens "for no apparent justifiable reason but solely to cause emotional distress to the victim". If you've been ghosted by someone or have even ghosted someone yourself, you probably know that this is typically not the case.

Although the politician does not prescribe specific penalties for ghosting in his bill, he had previously suggested that one punishment could be community service. You can read some documentation related to the bill in the embedded tweet below:

The bill has little chance of being passed as a law but it's definitely an interesting insight into the mind of certain people, especially those elected to represent the interests of their voters.

Via: Engadget

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