Here's how to enable the 280 character limit on Twitter yourself [Update]

Twitter yesterday announced it was testing a change to its rules that would increase the maximum limit of characters per tweet from 140 to 280. A controversial decision that soon had proponents and critics arguing, this change is unfortunately only restricted to a select few as Twitter conducts its tests and considers whether to extend the luxury to all users.

If you're someone who'd like to the try the freedom that comes with twice as much tweeting power, or are just annoyed by having to segment your lengthy philosophical prose into bite-sized pieces, there's a way to enable the change manually, even if Twitter's tests didn't initially include you.

An enterprising user going by @xem on Twitter discovered and has posted the following instructions for getting the upgraded character limit on Chrome:

There are also other methods for enabling the same via TweetDeck but since not everyone on Twitter also uses TweetDeck, this seems like the most accessible option available at the moment.

Twitter has also indicated that while it's aware of people gaming its tests through these scripts it will not, for the time being, make any changes and allow things to proceed as they are. That may change in the future, however, so if you want 140 more characters worth of freedom of speech, you'd best try it sooner rather than later.

Of course, with any scripts made available via third-party sources, if you proceed with the above it is at your own risk, so exercise caution.

Update: The previously suggested method is no longer working as Twitter seems to have made some adjustments. From among the remaining methods, only those that work with TweetDeck currently remain operational.

In order to upgrade your character limit via TweetDeck you need to go to this webpage and bookmark the 'Tweet 280' button on the webpage. You need to then log into your Twitter account on TweetDeck and simply click on the aforementioned bookmark. A helpful set of GIFs on the webpage will also show you how to follow along. Et voila, you now have 280 characters worth of tweeting material.

Source: @xem via The Register

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