Hitman 2's multiplayer 'Ghost Mode' will have Agent 47s of multiple realities competing

A massive drawback of being the deadliest assassin in the world is not having anyone else to compete against, but IO Interactive has seemingly managed to solve that issue in its upcoming Hitman 2.

Announced today, Hitman 2 will include Ghost Mode as a competitive multiplayer mode that will have two players - both as Agent 47 - trying to assassinate a selection of targets in the fastest and cleanest way possible. Both players begin from the same exact location, but since they will be mostly restricted to their own realities, interferences with each other's worlds will be minimal.

The name Ghost Mode comes from the fact that players will be able to see each other at all times as 'ghosts' as they try to kill the five targets that the game will randomly assign at the beginning of each round. The game will even provide picture-in-picture updates whenever the opposing Agent 47 accomplishes an important task.

Similar to the single-player experience, any weapons, outfits, and other items found in the level can be freely used for any creative assassination plans, but going loud is not a viable option.

At launch, Ghost Mode will be playable on the new Miami location only, but the studio will be adding more locations - including maps from the last game - to the multiplayer mode later on.

Hitman 2 is heading to PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 on November 13, and those who own the original game will receive remastered maps for the new title free of charge. Pre-ordering the game also gives access to the new cooperative Sniper Assassin mode right away as an early bonus.

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