Hotmail in Israel defaced by Turksec [Updated]

The popular email service Hotmail has been defaced in Israel by a Turkish hacker going by the name of TurkGuvenligi of Turksec.

It appears the site has been subject to a DNS hijack, the practice of redirecting the resolution of Domain Name System (DNS) names to rogue DNS servers. This is not the first time Microsoft has suffered defacements of its web properties. In 2004 was defaced and in late 2008 Microsoft's Irish website was also defaced by Turkish hackers.

An anti-semitic message has been left at the defaced site. Screencaps can be found here one / two ( warning: contains swearing).

At the time of posting the defacement still exists. Neowin has contacted Microsoft officials but at the time of writing has not received a response.

Update: Microsoft has responded to Neowin, courtesy of Christopher Budd, Response Manager, Trustworthy Computing at Microsoft:

  •   Around 4:30 AM Redmond time, Microsoft became aware that traffic was redirected from some of its .IL domain properties to other sites under others control. No other domains were affected.
  • As soon as we learned of this we mobilized our response process to understand the issue and restore service to customers.
  • Our investigation has shown that there was no attack against Microsoft properties or customers. In this case, attackers contacted a third party domain registrar posing as Microsoft and succeeded in having Microsoft-bound traffic directed to other, non-Microsoft systems.
  • We are in the process of restoring service for these .IL domains and apologize to customers for any inconvenience.
  • We will investigate the issue and take steps as appropriate to help try and prevent issues like this from occurring in the future."


Thanks to x-tarek for the news tip

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