HTC will no longer be "Quietly Brilliant"

HTC has been taking it on the chin as of late. Its Android-based smartphones have been coming up short, at least in terms of sales, compared to its main rival Samsung. The HTC Windows Phone 8X, despite being a solid smartphone, has not gotten as much attention as Nokia's Lumia devices. Finally it has seen shipping delays in parts of the world, including the US, for its next big smartphone, the HTC One.

Now it looks like the Taiwan-based company is going on the offensive in marketing and promotions, and it will also be dumping its long running slogan. The Wall Street Journal reports that HTC's marketing head Benjamin Ho has confirmed the company will no longer use the "Quietly Brilliant" tagline in its ads. It first launched the slogan in October 2009. There's no word on what will replace it.

Ho also confirmed that the reason for the HTC One delay in the US was due to component shortages, specifically for the camera inside the smartphone. The US launch is now scheduled for April but the phone will go on sale in the UK, Germany and Taiwan this week.

Ho said that going forward, HTC's promotion will be "bolder" adding, "We have a lot of innovations but we haven’t been loud enough." An example of that more "in your face" approach was a Twitter hashtag campaign this month calling Samsung's Galaxy S4 "#theNextBigFlop".

Source: Wall Street Journal | Image via HTC

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