Intel claims big bucks

Intel is claiming that its Core line of processors has allowed for $2bn in savings since release.

First introduced two years ago, the Core chips were touted by Intel in part for their low power consumption in the face of ever-climbing energy rates.

A company report estimates that since their release, the Core desktop, notebook and server chips have allowed for some 20 Terawatts less energy being used by the processors over the previous line.

Intel then divided this by an average energy cost of $0.10 per kilowatt hour to claim a $2bn energy savings from the chips.

"All the while we've been delivering these performance improvements, we have also been able to reduce the energy used by our microprocessors," wrote Lorie Wigle, general manager of Intel's eco-technology program office.

Energy savings have become a major selling point for all major chipmakers in recent years.

Both Intel and chief rival AMD have touted faster and more efficient processors of late, fuelled by smaller manufacturing processes and the use of more efficient materials.

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