Joan Rivers' ghost loves the design of the iPhone 6

The latest version of Apple's highly successful iPhone has been selling like hotcakes, selling over 10 million devices in the first weekend. Based on an Instagram and Facebook post by comedian Joan Rivers, she was one of the millions who purchased the device.

According to a post to Instagram and Facebook account late last week, Rivers was replacing her 2010 iPhone with the new iPhone 6. The only problem with that statement is the fact that Rivers died earlier this month due to surgery complications. TMZ captured Rivers' post before it was taken down, and it states:

This badass is being replaced by an iPhone 6 (not the fat one). I got this one in 2010, and after 4 years, my only complaint is that apps are now designed for bigger screens, and the battery is getting tired. Never had a case for it, since it was most beautiful on its own. Great achievement in design. Great product. #apple #iPhone #tech

It's clear that Apple had a marketing agreement with Joan Rivers, and her publicist must have forgotten to disable the auto-post after she passed away. It's a bit of a gaffe by Apple, and reinforces the idea that celebrities may not always be honest with their product endorsements.

Source: TMZ | Image via Apple

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