Joost launches PS3 Compatible website

It has come to light that the Internet streaming site Joost has today launched its Playstation 3 compatible website, allowing Playstation 3 users to watch the content provided via the built in Playstation 3 web browser.

Directing your Playstation 3 web browser to will launch the dedicated channel for Playstation 3 users with a simplified interface creating an easy to use experience for those wanting to watch the provided streaming videos.

Though like the full website, videos are preceded by a short advert which cannot be skipped but can be looked passed if your willing to wait for the free content.

They have also coded the website to work perfectly with the Playstation 3 Dualshock 3 or Sixaxis controller. Once the website has launched you will be brought to the easy to use interface that is easily controller with the D-Pad, left and right to move through the different menus while up and down let you select the different videos or menu options.

The "X" or "Cross" button lets you select whatever you currently have highlighted, and holding the button down gives you a second menu also controlled by the D-Pad that lets you pause the video playing, skip back and forward in the playlist or full screen the video for your TV, which can be cancelled with a quick press of the "Circle" button.

Joost is now part of a few companies that have provided specialised websites for the web browsing consoles which include sites like Youtube and the BBC iPlayer, letting users easily access the content they want from the comfort of their living room sofa without the need of a PC or an OnDemand service.

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