Kazaa Rates as Worst Pest on CA's Spyware List

Computer Associates International Inc. has launched a list of the worst spyware threats as part of a new program to combat unwanted software "pests." At the top of that list: the peer-to-peer application Kazaa. The company initiated its Spyware Information Center earlier this month with the launch of eTrust PestPatrol Anti-Spyware r5, enterprise-oriented software designed to tackle unwanted spyware, adware and trojans, a category of threats it calls "pests" to distinguish them from viruses and security vulnerabilities.

But out of the entire category, the top threat is the Kazaa peer-to-peer application, which CA characterized as prone to degrading network performance, consuming vast amounts of storage and creating security issues. The other top threats are Ezula's TopText reference tool, which installs ads on a user's machine; Adopt.Hotbar.com, which tracks Web usage patterns; GameSpy Arcade, which installs adware; and Download Accelerator Plus, which carries out actions such as changing browser settings, displaying popunder ads and transmitting information to a Web site without the user's permission.

News source: eWeek

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