Knoppix 3.2 is now official available

Thanks Phillipp for this news. In what looks like a continued push to soften the initial impact for ex Windows users Knoppix 3.2 is a new GNU/Linux distribution that boots, runs completely from cd. It runs a complete linux distribution based on Debian, of recent linux software and desktop enviroments, with programs such as, Abiword, The Gimp, Konqueror, Mozilla, and hundreds more quality open source programs, compressed from 1.7GB to fit on a 700MB CD.

Changes over the CeBIT Edition:

  • samba, mozilla update

  • icewm, larswm update

  • kismet update

  • evolution, fontconfig update

  • gnomemeeting downgrade (gnome2 is broken)

  • gnome-pilot

  • cpuburn

  • dvd+rw-tools
Download: Knoppix 3.2 ISO image (English) or German

View: Knoppix Web Site

News source: Linux Compatible

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