Latest Windows 8.1 build shows new search features, pulls content from the web

With the leak of Windows 8.1 build 9369 earlier today, there are a boatload of new features that have been uncovered that will bring new functionality to improve the user experience. Besides the new Files app and trackpad settings, there will also be enhancements to search on the platform as well.

Microsoft baked search deep into Windows 8 and it looks like they are about to take things one step further by integrating web content into search functions as well. Digging around in the Settings pane, you can see that there are new search options as well as web filtering options; the new feature will allow you to use suggestions from the web as you search on your machine.

Besides the obvious benefit of being tied into the web via your desktop, this will likely give Bing a considerable boost in searches. We will be curious to see if Microsoft will allow Google to get in on the desktop search action or if the company will keep this native search restricted to its Bing search service. 

As a reminder, Windows 8.1 will likely have a preview release at the BUILD conference in June with rumors suggesting that RTM will happen late in the Summer.

Source: AngleWZR on Twitter

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