Linux Apes Vista With New Distro Called Vixta

If Windows Vista is so terrible, how come there's someone in the open-source community who wants to copy it? That's the case with the latest Linux distro, a Vista look-alike called Vixta.

The project is hosted by Sourceforge, the online home of numerous open-source efforts, large and small. Vixta fits into the latter category.

There's hardly any information on the effort, other than a short blurb, which says it's based on the Fedora distro of Linux. Fedora is itself a project which evolved out of the Red Hat community, and is still sponsored by the enterprise-Linux powerhouse.

Vixta appears to be the brainchild of one A. Paulo Santos, who has posted most of the messages on the short Vixta-info mailing list, including one announcing the availability of Vixta release 094.

Vixta's home page touts the imminent availability of version 095, and enumerates the goals of the project as follows: ->

  • Absolutely free, in every sense;
  • Spread Linux to the "masses";
  • ABN – Absolutely No Config.;
  • User-Friendly;
  • Eye-catching. Familiar look and feel.

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