Lock-screen and new notification icons shown on WP8?

A reader over at WPCentral has noticed that Microsoft’s Start screen video contains a glimpse of Windows Phone 8’s lock-screen which indicates notifications will be present on the lock-screen interface also. Additionally, it appears the old Windows logo is used for Hotmail or Live notifications.

The shot (pictured below) was roughly snapped at the 2:15 mark: 

We’re aware that one of the key problems in Windows Phone 7 is the lack of a specific area to view all notifications, and more importantly if a notification comes in from third-party apps, and you just so happen to miss it, there’s no way of seeing that notification again.

We've seen what Google is doing with notifications drop-down in Jellybean, and what Apple is doing with iOS and its notifications, but it’d be nice to see if Microsoft can think of a new innovative way to notify users of missed notifications, because we personally feel that Microsoft’s new mobile platform needs it. We're just hoping the new revamped notification system supports third-party apps this time round.

Source: WPCentral

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