LogonStudio 0.96 released

Cheers Brad for the heads up on this one. Stardock has released a new version of LogonStudio. LogonStudio is a freeware program that allows users to create, edit and apply their own logons on Windows XP to replace the default logon.

Because LogonStudio uses its own logon format, .logonxp instead of replacing the actual logon program (logonui.exe) it is safer and the file sizes smaller. Stardock hopes to license the .logonxp format to other developers to create a standard way for people to create their own Windows XP logons that doesn't involve distributing Microsoft copyrighted files (namely logonui.exe). LogonStudio can import modified logonui.exe files to be converted into a LogonStudio file as well.

The new version comes with a visual editor to make it significantly easier to create your own logons. Note though that LogonStudio is still in beta so it does have some glitches (it is safe to use however, just that not all features are completed yet).

Download: at Logonstudio.com

News source: Wincustomize

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