Lord Mandelson announces three-strike plan to reduce piracy

Lord Mandelson has clarified plans regarding the "three-strike policy" today, created in an effort to reduce piracy, according to the BBC. Whilst the plans were initially opposed by many, Lord Mandelson also mentioned some benefits the new plans will provide, such as relaxed copyright laws in regards to sharing.

Lord Mandelson was speaking at the government's digital creative industries conference where he talked about the plans. He emphasised that cutting off users would be a last resort, and, addressing the fears of some, stated that users would be able to appeal any decisions to cut off their Internet access, if for instance, the disconnected user believed someone else was using their Internet connection.

"If we reach the point of suspension for an individual, they will be informed in advance, having previously received two notifications – and will have the opportunity to appeal," Mandelson said.

Although the finer details would have to be discussed at European level, Lord Mandelson also discussed the possibility of relaxing copyrighting laws "at home and between friends," meaning that users could legally copy their music from their CD to their iPod, or potentially share their music with family or friends without fear of breaking the law.

The discussion may have eased many consumer concerns about being disconnected, and the relaxed copyright laws at home is likely to be a welcome move, assuming that it goes ahead after being discussed at European level. The cost of the process would be shared between right holders and ISPs, Lord Mandelson added later.

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