Lumia 710 off to good sales start at T-Mobile

In January, Nokia and T-Mobile launched the Lumia 710 in the US. It was the first smartphone launched by Nokia in the US that was based on Microsoft's Windows Phone OS. Now reports that there are indirect indications that the Lumia 710 has gotten off to a solid start in the US in terms of sales.

Officially, neither Nokia nor T-Mobile will give out specific sales figures for the Lumia 710. T-Mobile did say that the smartphone "has consistently been among the most popular phones in the T-Mobile lineup." However, according to Compete, the Lumia 710 was ordered online via T-Mobile's web site more than any other smartphone in February with the exception of the Samsung Galaxy S II and the T-Mobile G2X.

The Lumia 710 is also selling in the top three smartphones offered by T-Mobile on Amazon's web site and Wirefly says the device is in the top five on its site, adding that sales have held up in the past two months.

Originally, the Lumia 710 went on sale for $49.99 at T-Mobile but more recently the smartphone's price was reduced to free with a new two year contract. AT&T is expected to launch the next major Lumia device, the Lumia 900, sometime later this year.

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