Lumia 900 presumably seen running Windows Phone 7.8

Windows Phone 8 was launched exactly one week ago to some pretty decent reviews, but one part of the story we haven’t heard much about is Windows Phone 7.8. This upgrade is for legacy devices that are not upgradeable to WP8. Exact features of the upgrade are unknown except the new Start Screen with resizable tiles and new accent colors.

Microsoft mentioned earlier that 7.8 will come after the launch of its brand new OS and we have heard rumors of mid-November as a possible launch date.

Now, LiveSide is reporting certain phones have got the upgrade. These aren’t personal phones but rather display ones in one of Nokia’s stores. As you can see, the picture above seems to show a Lumia 900 running Windows Phone 7.8. The pictures themselves come from Sina Weibo, from users that have seen the phones in the store.

Could this be an indication that the upgrade is actually close to launch globally? We certainly hope so as that new Start Screen definitely gives your phone a refreshing look.

Check out the source below for more pictures.

Source: LiveSideImage courtesy of LiveSide

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