Lumia more searched for than Windows Phone

While Nokia's Lumia line and Microsoft's Windows Phone operating system go hand-in-hand, it appears people are more interested in learning about one than the other. Internet users are searching Google for the term "Lumia" at a far greater frequency than "Windows Phone."

As discovered by The Next Web, global Google queries for "Lumia" have rapidly ascended since the Microsoft-Nokia partnership was announced last year, according to data on Google Trends. Search queries for "Windows Phone" have largely remained flat over the same period of time. Following the launch of the Lumia 800 in October, queries for the brand began to skyrocket. Searches for Windows Phone did see a boost late last month when Microsoft revealed the next version of its mobile operating system, Windows Phone 8, however.

While Lumia outpaces Windows Phone in global searches, there are territories where Microsoft's mobile operating system garners more search queries. In the United States, for instance, Windows Phone queries have typically outpaced Lumia queries since the launch of Nokia's first Lumia product. Similarly, in terms of news references, Microsoft's Windows Phone brand has largely been featured in the headline of more articles than Nokia's Lumia brand (although only English-language headlines are taken into account for news references). 

One reason for the discrepancy could be marketing. When Nokia and Microsoft formed their smartphone partnership, Microsoft provided Nokia with more than a billion dollars – a significant portion of which was to be used for marketing expenses. Since the two companies teamed up, Microsoft has largely left it up to phone manufacturers and network carriers to advertise Windows Phone products. 

Via: The Next Web
Source: Google Trends

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