Mafia Wars 2 details emerge

Zynga first announced its plans to release Mafia Wars 2 a few weeks ago but at the time no details were given out other than it would be a full 3D game. Today Venture Beat reports that more information about the game has now been revealed, along with word that the sequel to the 2008 Facebook game about running your own organized crime syndicate would officially launch in a few weeks and with support for 16 languages. The first Mafia Wars game had a monthly active player base of 45 million back in 2010 but has now gone down to just 4.4 million monthly gamers.

Mafia Wars 2 will actually include a storyline this time. Indeed, the game will come with a digital comic book that tells your player character's back story. As the game actually begins, that character is just getting out of jail and heads to Las Vegas. He's been given permission by the local mob bosses to launch his own gang in Sin City. You build up your empire by creating casinos and collecting cash. You can also get cash by selling the products that are found in "grow houses".

Combat in the game will be in real time as your character's minions attack AI controlled enemies. In addition, you can engage in battles with online enemies to take their money and burn down their buildings. You also can have online friends that can help you out by defending your crime empire and even help repair any damage that your buildings receive. Players level up to gain access to new weapons, items and vehicles. As with other Zynga games, players can also pay real money to gain access to virtual items.

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