MediaMonkey RC1

MediaMonkey is an easy-to-use organizer for serious music collectors. MediaMonkey catalogs your CDs, MP3, WMA, and OGG audio tracks, and looks up and intelligently tags and renames/reorganizes them. MediaMonkey rips CDs, converts audio file formats, and easily creates mixes. MediaMonkey integrates with Nero for CD Burning, and with Winamp for playback. MediaMonkey even includes a built-in player that supports hundreds of Winamp plug-ins, and automatically adjusts volume levels so that you don't have continually fiddle with the volume control. MediaMonkey is a software that will play, ripp and organize your music collection.


  • A Library which tracks all of the music on your hard drive or on CDs that you own and:
  • Automatically updates based on changes to your music (Gold)
  • Automatically update audio CD/track information from Amazon and Freedb
  • Organizes music by different attributes, and provides powerful search facilities
  • Finds Tracks with problems such as duplicate titles, duplicate content, missing tags
  • Allows you to easily update properties, and tag your music using industry-standard formats (ID3v1&v2, OGG, WMA, APE2)
  • Allows you to edit many tracks at once:
  • Automatically organize and rename files on your hard disk based on the music's properties
  • Automatically and intelligently tag files based on filenames
  • Advanced, intuitive playlist management
  • Import and export M3U playlists
  • Drag and drop tracks to rapidly create playlists
  • Automatically update playlists in response to tracks that have been moved
  • Organize playlists hierarchically
  • AutoPlaylists to dynamically create mixes based on predefined criteria
  • High-quality audio playback (MP3, WMA, OGG, MPC, APE, etc.)
  • Supports Winamp-compatible input/output plug-ins to enable add-on functionality
  • Supports Winamp-compatible DSP effects such as DFX, for improved audio
  • Supports Visualization plug-ins for funky visual effects that match your music
  • Includes a 10 band equalizer to customize your audio experience
  • Levels Volume so that you no longer have to adjust the volume knob up and down when music has been recorded at different levels
  • Integrates with Winamp 2.x if you're used to Winamp as a player and
  • MediaMonkey as your organizer
  • Synchronizes your music with your portable audio devices
  • Encoding into various formats (OGG, MP3, WMA, WAV) so that you can easily add music to your collection:
  • Rips audio CD content to your hard drive, with jitter correction for troublesome CDs
  • Converts from one audio format to another
  • Import/Export songs from external sources with ease, using the Virtual CD (Gold)
  • Generate previews - short 20-40kb samples of songs to help qualify unknown music (Gold)
  • Burn Audio CDs.
What's New:
  • 4269 Added hotkey support for switching filters
  • 4323 Fixed error can occur for corrupted Album Art with zero width or height
  • 4311 Fixed search Artist & Album Artist doesn't search Album Artist
  • 4320 Fixed auto-tag from Web doesn't convert special HTML characters
  • 4319 Fixed Album Artist field is populated with Artist field on rescan even if blanked
  • 4321 Fixed some ID3v2 genre tags are read twice (regression)
  • 4322 Fixed album art can be displayed as a thin line in Album art view (regression)
  • 4324 Fixed Album Art may not show up in Album Art view for Albums with many Artists (regression)
  • 4309 Fixed Custom fields 4 and 5 can't be sorted in Tracklist (regression)
  • 4308 Fixed period in Album or Artist name aren't shown in Album Art view
  • 4328 Fixed import ratings from iTunes fails if tracks in iTunes DB are stored in UNC format
  • 4315 Fixed import ratings from Winamp fails when DB isn't in expected location
  • 4327 Fixed extension icon sometimes isn't be visible (regression)
  • 4325 Fixed Vista navigation bar sometimes incorrectly bolded in skinless mode
  • 4330 Fixed Pop-up transparency settings are ignored on mouseover
  • 4313 Fixed spectrograph flickers on pause
  • 4312 Fixed Browse Folder dialog tree isn't in focus & incremental search doesn't work
  • 4326 Optimized query performance
  • 4331 Updated Japanese translation
Download: MediaMonkey RC1 (Freeware, 6.47MB)
Extras: Skins
Screenshot: >> Click here <<
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