MegaUpload founder's asset ruled "null and void" by NZ judge

In a new development in the case against MegaUpload founder Kim Dotcom, a judge in New Zealand has ruled that the raid on Dotcom's assets in January was not conducted properly and has declared the raid's restraining order "null and void."

The raid on Dotcom's property was first conducted in January when US and New Zealand law enforcement officials shut down MegaUpload, claiming that the site was being used for online piracy. Dotcom and several other MegaUpload team members were arrested and $200 million in assets were seized, including freezing bank accounts and taking away a number of Dotcom's luxury sports cars.

However, The New Zealand Herald reports that on Friday law enforcement officials admitted they had made a "procedural error" in regards to ordering the original raid on MegaUpload and Dotcom's assets. The paperwork was applied to an order that did not allow Dotcom to launch his own defense.

After the raid, the mistake later corrected with law enforcement officials submitting the proper paperwork and retroactively listing all of MegaUpload's assets as being seized. However, this is just a temporary measure until the judge in the case, Justice Judith Potter, rules on whether or not Dotcom can get his assets back due to the original mistake.

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