Microsoft adds travel time, mileage and a map for driving directions in Bing

After adding a scientific calculator and an image match feature in Bing, Microsoft has now put in another option in its search service that rival Google has had for years. US users can now bring up an estimate of the driving travel time and mileage between two destinations when they are typed into Bing.

Microsoft described the new feature in a blog post. Basically, typing in "Los Angeles to San Diego" in Bing will now let the user know that it will take approximately one hour and 46 minutes to make the trip by car, and that the distance between the two cities is about 120.8 miles. Typing in specific addresses will offer more accurate time and distance numbers. It also shows a map with the correct route.

The blog adds:

When you click on the map or the “turn by turn directions” link, we’ll launch the Bing Maps experience where you will see a detailed set of turn-by-turn directions. Because we know directions are most useful when you’re on the go, we’ve enabled this mobile browser experience across the top smart phones including Windows Phone, iPhone and Android devices.

This shows that Microsoft's Bing team has been trying of late to add features that Google has included for a while. There's no word on when this driving directions feature will be included outside the US.

Source: Bing blog | Image via Microsoft

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