Microsoft applies for celebrity search patent

We live in a world where lots of people are obsessed with celebrities. Movie and TV star news is huge on the Internet, TV and magazines. So it stands to reason that people who have an interest in a particular celebrity might also be interested in not only learning more about their favorite acting icons, but also adopting some of their preferences such as their fashion decisions.

Microsoft is apparently one step ahead of these people. reports that in a newly discovered application with the US Patent and Trademark Office, Microsoft is thinking of a way to link Internet search features to the persona of specific people such as celebrities or even your friends. While Microsoft's Bing search can already generate some results based on what your friend's Facebook info says, this new concept is a larger extension on that idea.

The patent application gives an example of searching as if you were a well known actor. The search might come up with some fashion tips based on what that actor has been seen wearing in film and TV roles along with real life events. Microsoft's application says, "When the user selects a model of a particular persona to be applied, the information generated in return to the user may be consistent with the characteristics associated with the selected persona." While searching the Internet as if you were someone else might be considered a little creepy by others, it still shows Microsoft is interested in expanding what search features can do on the Internet.

Image via Microsoft

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